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The 12 figures in the playing Cards, jigsaw, notebook and bookmarks were inspired by Irish Mythology and Celtic Art. Ferdia, Fionn Mac Cumhail, Cu Roi MacDairi and Cuchulain. Medb, Morrigan, Banshee and The Hag at the ford. Manannan Mac Lir, Nuada Argetlam, Brian Boru and Conchobar Macnessa All the art work was hand painted in origin.

Being a work in progress and with a humble beginning, our intention is to create a varied range of Irish Mythology souvenirs based on Carmen G Carballeira’s art-work. To the best of our abilities, our intention is to source eco-friendly, recycled materials and to manufacture the products within Europe. In the near future, this range will include posters, mugs, teatowels and tote bags.

Celtic Journey
  • Donde el arte y la cultura se encuentran
  • Tam gdzie spotykaja sie sztuka i kultura
  • Wo sich Kunst und Kultur treffen
  • Où l’art et cultura se rencontrent
  • Dove arte e cultura si incontrano
  • Onde arte e cultura se encontram